question_2There are times when we push aside the cooking and delve a bit deeper. I took over an hour to answer questions about marketing, branding, and entrepreneurship to all those who wanted to listen. It was super fun! If you have the hour to spare and want some good advice from me, take a listen!



  1. Yes this scope was AWESOME!!! Even though I was acting up (Sisterwives…stand up) I was still able to receive all the nuggets Darius was giving. I will watch the replay over to take more notes of the things I missed. You didn’t have a chance to view the scope I challenge you to watch it…. You can’t find advice like this anywhere for FREE

    Love you Darius!!!!

  2. I agree with Faith. I absolutely loved this scope it was very informative. We really appreciate you Darius, you bring so much more than just food. You have the humor, knowledge, and creative cooking styles that I truly enjoy. I’m so glad to have met you via technology. Your such an inspiration to others and I wish you all the best in your future endeavors. So glad that you have made it here to Atlanta and I look forward to meeting you in person one day soon.
    Love Ya Darius,
    Tasha Butler-Green #DHIVE FOR LIFE (Brownshugar1274)