Whew, we all know how petty drive thru workers can be. You ask the wrong employee for extra sauce and can find yourself on the receiving end of the attitude of a lifetime. A man at a McDonald’s in Canada just had something like this happen to him. He had the wrong one that day because once he asked for extra cream cheese on his bagel he got a loooot more than he bargained for.

Excuse me while I cackle. First of all, what is this? That’s not a bagel anymore that creamcheese with a side of bread. Did he make them mad beforehand? There has to be a part of the story we’re missing because wow who deserves this kind of treatment. Maybe he did something another time he was at that location and they promised they’d get revenge. They recognized him and thought we’ll get him today when he orders that extra cream cheese. Whatever the reason chile I am on the floor.

Y’all what would you do in this situation? I always order extra Oreo for my McFlurry and I would love it if a McDonald’s employee just blessed me with as much Oreo as this cream cheese. Like I honestly wouldn’t mind just a tad bit of ice cream with my Oreo crumbles in a McFlurry. But if someone gave me this much topping on a sandwich I ordered we may have to have to see each other because in the words of Cardi B, “what was the reason?!” Would you just wipe the excess off or would you completely go off on the McDonald’s employee?