Y’all if this happened in my restaurant Greens & Gravy I really do not know what I would do. I would be angry, sad for my employee, and just overall shook that someone could be capable of such a thing. So I’ll just start here: a woman was so mad that she couldn’t use the bathroom at a restaurant she defecated on the FLOOR! But she didn’t stop there. She began to pick it up, with her bare hands, then flung it at the employee.

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This went viral on Twitter the surveillance video made its way to the platform. This all took place in a Tim Hortons in British Columbia. Now I know you’re wondering, well did the crap hit the employee? Did it get on her face? Well unfortunately we don’t know the video didn’t show us.

The woman was arrested and then released. Hopefully she’ll be charged with something though, for that employee’s sake. If this happened to you what would y’all do??