We’ve all had that one job we just couldn’t stand. We’ve all had the job where our coworkers were trash, the boss was just rude, and we could barely get up in the morning and go even if it was paying our bills. This one teenager simply had enough of the disrespect so she went out in style. She announced to her boss she was quitting then made her exit out of the drive-thru window.

Maria Kukulak just had enough. In the TikTok video she used to show her resignation from a Wendy’s in Illinois Maria explained how the new management had been picking on her from day one. She says one of her fellow coworkers heard her manager call her a lost cause. Wow. Who calls a teenager a lost cause?

Maria always wanted to climb out of a drive-thru window so of course, that’s how she decided to leave the job she used to love. She gets her boss’s attention then says “I’m not a lost cause and I quit.” She then climbs out the drive-thru window and just like that she’s viral with over 10 million views.

I don’t blame little sis. When they’re not treating you right you just have to dip. And I have to commend her for keeping it cute and classy versus going off on her manager or doing something destructive. What would you all have done? Do you think she did the right thing?