Y’all. People are nasty. NASTY. When you come to a fast-food restaurant you trust it’s clean right? Well, that trust was definitely broken. At a Wendy’s in Michigan, employees were fired for just being straight up disgusting. What happened? Well, one employee decided to take a bath in the sink while others filmed it. Yeah, nasty.

So the not-so-smart teenagers originally posted the video on the app TIkTok where it went viral. In the video, the teen is seen with only his shirt off so I’m assuming he wasn’t completely bare. Let’s hope not but regardless, still nasty. He laughs as he jokes the sink feels like a hot tub. Yeah, I don’t want my food anywhere near a sink that someone knows feels like a hot tub just gross.

Luckily the employees were fired once the video went viral but it’s definitely still disturbing, It makes you realize that you really have to be careful where you eat. You really don’t know what goes on and hopefully, no one got sick or anything from this one kid’s actions. And hopefully, he learns and never does anything this disgusting again.