Flamin’ Hots have been the backbone of the black chip community for about 30 years now. (Yes the 90s were that long ago smh). In Chicago, kids know what it means when the bag is ripped in half. That’s to put some cheese on them. Maybe even peppers! Ok I’m done.

The only problem with these chips are how they’re just so, so unhealthy. But I guess Trader Joe’s is trying to fix that problem.

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Trader Joe’s now has these Spicy Cheese Crunchies. From what people have said so far they’re like the 130 calorie, a little less spicy, and bougie version of Flamin’ Hots. They’re even made with fresh ingredients, have no MSG, and no artificial flavors. Wow. I guess these are worth a try at least for health’s sake. But, in my opinion, there’ll never be another Flamin’ Hots.