I feel so bad for those with peanut allergies. Usually, when I hear people are allergic to nuts, it’s super severe. Sometimes even the smell could send them into a bad allergic reaction. Well the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) just approved something I definitely didn’t see coming: a drug smoothie. Yup, the FDA just approved Palforzia, a smoothie meant to help those with peanut allergies.

Who knew making a smoothie could help alleviate the horrible symptoms from peanut allergic reactions? Palforiza isn’t a smoothie itself though, it’s a powder that you use to put in your smoothie. It’s supposed to help build your tolerance to nuts so serious reactions and death don’t have to occur. So yes, it’s made of peanuts. You have to admit that’s pretty cool.

Over a million kids and teens suffer from a peanut allergy so it’s amazing that they now have something to make life a little easier. The treatment is approved for kids as young as four! Wow. Tell a friend to tell a friend because something like this could be life-changing!