Oh. My. Goodness. Wouldn’t you love to be at the cookout not worrying about your pop (or soda) getting warm?! To be doing all the line dances perfectly content with your can in hand?? Well thanks to 7-Eleven this just might be possible.

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The new cans’ technology has already been backed by NASA and the US Army. Well ok then. The cans are called “Chill Cans” and they’re made by Joseph Company International.

Now what are these cans exactly? Well, they have reclaimed carbon dioxide which makes the beverage cold. On a flat surface turn the can over, twist the bottom until you hear a fizzy sound, let that go on for about a minute and a half, turn it back, and boom. Your drink gets cold again. If you touch while it’s cooling, your body heat may not get it is as cool so wait a little bit.

Right now they’ll only be holding Fizzics which is a new brand of cold coffee with flavors like french vanilla, regular, and caramel. They’ll be at about 15 7-Elevens across LA. Are you going to see if it works?? If you do please let me know! Hopefully our pop cans will be like this too!