People are really afraid of the Coronavirus. In some churches, when the service calls for people to hold hands their linking arms instead. Crazy, right? They aren’t the only ones taking precautions. Starbucks isn’t playing around either. Until further notice, all Starbucks locations will cease refilling reusable cups. 

Starbucks customers who come in with their own tumbler/cup usually receive a 10 cent discount on their coffee. Luckily Starbucks will still honor that discount. I don’t blame them for the safety precaution. Do I think the Coronavirus is going to wipe us all out? No. But do I think it’s something that’s spreading a little too fast for my liking? Um, yeah. So any precautions that aren’t too over the top (and still let me get my discount) I’m ok with. 

Starbucks is also dedicating more hours to cleaning their stores. You can’t blame them for being thorough. Do you guys think they’re going too far though? How do you feel about the new safety precautions people and companies are taking? Is everyone making a mountain out of a molehill or is this how the zombie apocalypse is going to start and we’re not paying attention?