Sprite has always been the pop (or soda *rolls eyes*) that you go to for that citrus taste. That lemon lime just does something for people am I right? Unless you go for Mountain Dew…then yeah you’re kind of your own with that one. Now, those of us who have appreciated Sprite for some time will understand their newest move may just be their biggest. Sprite is releasing a pop-lemonade combination called Sprite Lymonade!

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I can’t lie, Rae Sremmurd does make the drink look refreshing. And we’ve all been wanting this for a while right? According to Sprite and Coca-Cola, the company that owns them, people have been clamoring for a Sprite-lemonade mix. Well, how nice of them to give the people what they want. I’m not sure yet when these actually hit the shelves, but best believe I’m keeping my eye out for the new beverage. What do you all think? Is the Sprite Lymonade going to be worth trying?