If you’re not following me on Periscope (@DariusCooks) or Facebook Live (Facebook.com/DariusCooks), what are you waiting for? I normally jump on and just start cooking. I did last night! I’ll post the video from Katch below!

Sparkling Rosemary Moscato Lemonade

-2 sprigs/twigs of rosemary

-2 teaspoons of sugar

-1 lime, cut into slices

-2 bottles of hard lemonade

-1/2 cup of limoncello

-1 bottle of sparkling Moscato

1.  Muddle together the rosemary, lime, and sugar to release the oils of the rosemary.

2. Then combine with limoncello, Moscato, and hard lemonade.

3. Mix with ice and serve




  1. Good Morning-

    I can’t find your Fruit Cocktail drink recipe, can you direct me to where it is ? I really want to make that for a brunch i’m hosting.


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