If you’ve never had Tajín in your life then you’re missing out. It truly is one of the best spices. You’ve never really had fruit until you had some Tajín sprinkled on. I know you all know Takis right? Well, Tajín is what makes Takis, Takis. I’m telling you the spice is the truth. Tyson must be hip because they now have their famous chicken nuggets in a Tajín seasoned Chili Lime flavor.

Y’all, these probably so dang on good. If you have a big family or you’re just living that bachelorette/bachelor life and you don’t feel like cooking, Tyson nuggets are actually a good frozen alternative. So imagine them with Tajín. They probably put you in spicy heaven.

Head to your local grocery store’s freezer section and they should be there. Let me know if you’re even willing to try them. For me, you already know issa smash. I see myself in the future enjoying these with dipping sauces galore. But how do you guys feel? Is this a smash or pass?