Y’all the snack world is a world of neverending creations. Literally every day there’s some new combination of snacks or some wild flavor trying to grab our attention. Whether it’s cereal flavored pancake mix or candy-flavored ice cream, I come here to ask you all the hard questions: would you smash or would you pass? This time we’re taking a look at two of our favorite brands teaming up for what should be something good. Ritz Crackers and Tabasco Hot Sauce are serving us Tabasco flavored Ritz crackers!

Immediately when I saw the Tabasco Pepper Sauce Flavor Ritz Crisps & Thins I figured they’d be like hot chips just better. And they’d probably a lot flakier too. Regardless of if my predictions are correct or not, this is probably going to be delicious. Yeah, I’m here for it. They’re oven-baked! Oven-baked spicy Ritz crackers? Um, yes why wouldn’t I be here for this?

The combination isn’t that out there so I could see this working out for both companies. They’re already in stores so you can see for yourself if this was a good idea. Another great reason to go ahead and give these a try is the fact that they’re under $3. That’s not bad at all. It’s better than snacking on candy all day. So what do you all think? Is this a smash or a pass?