There have been a lot of great candy ice cream combinations. Oreo ice cream is probably the best example of that. Those M&M ice cream sandwiches aren’t bad either. However, there are some combinations I’m not sure if we should be messing around with. The new Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Pops is one of them.

On paper, I could see how this would seem like a great idea but in reality? Yeah, I’m not sure if I want Sour Patch Kids ice cream. The ice cream pops have a redberry coating and vanilla ice cream underneath and bits of Sour Patch Kids mixed in. Again, in theory, sounds great but would I actually want redberry and vanilla ice cream? I just don’t know. It could be my bias for moe chocolaty versions of ice cream.

The Sour Patch Kids Ice Cream Pops should be in your local grocery stores now if you want to try them. I’ll definitely keep an open mind and try it for myself but of course, I want you guys to go first. What do you think? Is this dessert that’s guaranteed to give you a sugar rush a smash or a pass?