You all know what Rap Snacks are right? Those bags of chips that have rappers like Boosie, Romeo Miller, Fetty Wap and the Migos as the cover. Each rapper also has their own flavor. Like the Migos is sour cream with a dab of ranch (they were the key instrument in making the dab dance popular). And Boosie’s flavor is Louisiana heat. You get it, right? Well, Master P was inspired by these hood classics and decided to create his own brand: Rap Noodles!

I love this idea. It’s honestly genius. Think about it, noodles are the struggle meal of the culture. A lot of us grew up eating noodles, especially those packs of Ramen. When there wasn’t anything else to eat you could depend on noodles and if you were smart you knew how to really make them special. Maybe you added some of your own seasoning and hot sauce. I ‘m always going to want to support another black man’s venture, always. So to see Master P being a successful businessman and giving us some official noodles for the culture is, to me, extremely smart.

Right now you can get the Master P Creamy Chicken & Gumbo, E-40 Beef Prime Ribs, or Boosie Louisiana Hot and Spicy Chicken ramen noodle flavors. Master P said it makes your tastebuds go “ughmmm!” They’re in stores now and you can get more info at Clearly these are a smash for me but how do you feel?