I didn’t realize how many people loved Cherry Coke. Like, y’all looooove it. It’s not my favorite but I definitely see the hype. Another interesting flavor people love is Vanilla Coke. This one I don’t understand as much but hey, to each his own. Cherry and Vanilla Coke lovers are in for a special treat. Coca-Cola is launching Cherry Vanilla Coke and guess what? It can be keto too!

Now that I think about it, I’m really not sure why they haven’t done this before. It seems like the obvious thing to do when both the cherry and vanilla flavors are such classics. Personally I’m not a huge fan of this combo but I know a bunch of people who would disagree with me. I’m happy that there is a coke zero version though. If you’re on the keto diet then you’re more than welcome to try it!

If you think this is a smash then you can get your hands on Cherry Vanilla Coca-Cola starting February 10th and they’ll be here to stay. I won’t stay close-minded forever, I will try it. I’ll just let someone else do it first…(lol). How about you? Will you smash or pass?