I did not know something like this could ever exist. If you would have asked me what other types of Cheetos they could come up with I would have never guessed the sweet kind. Turns out the sweet kind is definitely a thing and they’re coming just in time for Easter! Instead of filling the Easter basket with candy this year, you can use Cheetos Sweetos Cinnamon Eggs.

So what are Sweetos exactly? Well, they’re Cheetos except…they’re sweet. I know that wasn’t that great of an explanation but am I wrong? Nope. The Sweetos are coated in this cinnamon sugar blend, unlike Cheetos which is covered in that orange cheesy powder. That honestly does sound pretty good. Another big difference is that instead of the regular Cheeto shape, these Sweetos are shaped like eggs. I guess they’re really in the Easter spirit.

If you want to figure out for yourself if these are a smash or a pass you can now. These should already be on your local grocery store’s shelves now. Personally, I can’t decide if I’d like these or not. I don’t see why I wouldn’t though. There’s nothing like a good cinnamon-sugar combination. Plus Cheetos knows what they’re doing and I doubt they’d disappoint us now. I rule in favor of smash so who’s with me?