Too. Far. This has officially gone too far. Remember just a few days ago I told you about how Cap’n Crunch is coming out with their own ‘Berrytastic Pancake Mix’? Well, they didn’t think that was enough. They didn’t want you eating their pancakes with anyone else’s syrup so they made their own. That’s right, you can now have your own Cap’n Crunch Ocean Blue Maple Syrup. Yikes.

The pancake mix I was iffy about but I feel like I didn’t give them too much flack for it. Now, I’m going to give them flack. Y’all blue syrup? Blue??? Why? Why did Cap’n Crunch get our Auntie Jemima to agree to this foolishness? I don’t want Ocean Blue Maple Syrup I’m sorry I just don’t. Even if it does end up tasting good it’s going to send my blood sugar through the roof and I don’t like that.

If you’re reading this thinking I’m doing too much and you think there’s some hope out there for this syrup then, fine, you can go ahead and try it. If it’s good and not as sugary as I expect it to be, then go ahead and let me know I’m wrong. You can find this syrup, and the Berrytastic Pancake Mix, at your local grocery stores later this month. Now when your sugar levels go up and you start taking more trips to the doctor don’t say I didn’t warn you.