Not getting any D this Valentine’s Day? Mad at all your friends that are getting some? No, I don’t have a way to get you a man sorry :(. But I do know this Etsy store is trying to help us all out. This year you can get a bag of dicks shipped straight to your door. And they’re edible!

Ok so it isn’t as good as the real thing but we can pretend, right? And who doesn’t love a good gummy type of candy? The ShipABagofDicks online store started this just for fun. If you’re into pranks, this is certainly a good one. I don’t think anyone expects a bag of dicks to just show up in their mailbox. And it’s a nice gesture because you’re sending someone something sweet to eat. See, the bag of dicks is multi-purposeful.

If you want a bag of dicks on your doorstep this Friday or any day, all you have to do is head to and look for the ShipABagofDicks store. The bag of dicks is only $8.99 and it comes with an adorable note that says, “eat a bag of dicks!” Isn’t that sweet? Bless someone with a nice bag of dicks this Valentine’s Day!