With everyone afraid of COVID-19 aka the Coronavirus aka that ‘Rona, it’s more important than ever to take precaution. The virus is spreading this world with a quickness. Even Tom Hanks and NBA players weren’t safe from ‘rona. It seems pretty scary to see everything get canceled or shut down, so here are three things that should make you feel a little better and help you avoid being contaminated as well. 


I just have one question, why has it taken a virus ‘crisis’ to show you all washing your hands is important? And why was no one washing their hands before? Y’all nasty. Period. Anyways, if you didn’t know, washing your hands after coming in contact with any surfaces or after using the bathrooms is extremely important. Your hands encounter so much and there are germs EVERYWHERE. Virus or no virus, it always important to make sure your hands are as clean as possible. Do you really want to touch your face with the germs you picked up from riding the same public train as thousands of others? Or after touching the grocery cart everyone and their momma have touched? It’s also important to realize that although hand sanitizer helps, it doesn’t replace good old soap and wanted by any means. Hand sanitizer is not meant to completely clean your hands. If you’ve been using sanitizer like this, I’m sorry to tell you, but you’ve been doing this hygiene thing wrong. So, so wrong. 


The coronavirus seems extra scary since people have died but at the end of the day, it is just another virus. And how do our bodies fight viruses? By having immune systems strong enough to kick its butt while we let it run its course and get treatment. And how can we ensure our bodies are in tip-top shape? By drinking our water and minding our business! Water is life, literally. If water isn’t a major part of your diet you’re just not living right. It’s probably the most important part of your diet. So when there’s a virus out there strong enough to make Italy shut down, it’s probably important that you increase your water intake to better your chances of being stronger to fight said virus. This does NOT mean you act a fool and buy all the water in the tristate area. There are other people too guys let’s not get too hasty and leave others without. 


Some people are out here literally afraid for their lives, while others aren’t afraid at all. What’s the difference? Well, these others know that they’re covered by the blood of the Lord and that no weapon against them shall prosper. Amen? Amen! (All my Baptists this is where y’all shout). Am I saying don’t be cautious? Of course not. But the Lord is on your side so you should never be afraid. If you aren’t religious, that’s ok. Just make sure you follow steps 1 and 2 above and whatever you deem your “higher power” trust in that instead of letting fear control you. At the end of the day, in the words of Kendrick Lamar, we gone be alright!

I hope this helps you and relieves some of your Coronavirus stress. Everything should be back to normal soon, we just have to wait it out. In the meantime stay safe and stay healthy. I’ll pray for y’all and y’all please pray for me. For those who aren’t religious, I’ll still pray for you too but if prayer isn’t your thing you can just keep me in your thoughts. I’ll appreciate all the same! Be safe out there!