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Restaurants & Bars Close Because of COVID-19

This has been the most insane month you guys. The world is changing before our very eyes kike we’re in a horror film. Maybe Sci-Fi Thriller. Regardless of the genre, this is getting out of hand. Yesterday we learned that actor Idris Elba has tested positive for the Coronavirus but that’s not even the craziest piece of news. Recently some of the United States’ major cities announced lockdown and the closing of all their bars and restaurants.

Y’all, it’s getting crazy out here. Whether you feel people are under or overreacting you can’t deny society is changing right before our very eyes. Shelves everywhere lack toilet paper and flushable wipes and people are online selling hand sanitizer for $150. Yes, $150 or higher. What’s really blowing my mind is how cities like New York and Chicago have officially shut down all of their bars, restaurants, and movie theaters until further notice. Even San Francisco has placed their city on a 24-hour lockdown for three weeks. #QuarantineandChill is officially in full effect.

Delivery services like UberEats are offering free delivery and you can still order some of your favorite foods take out style so all hope isn’t lost. Overall just please be careful guys. This is nothing to play to around with. Especially if you’re close to the elderly or very young. And you know if you need any #QuarantineandChill recipes you’re already on the right site!

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