Guys this Coronavirus situation is getting real. Whether you believe this is truly an epidemic or not, the world sure is changing. An entire country is shut down, NBA games are canceled, and stores are running out of water like this is the zombie apocalypse. Why we’re running out of toilet paper as well I have no idea. Postmates is another company trying to adapt to the virus by introducing a contactless delivery option. 

This should have been an option a long time ago. What if you’re wearing a bonnet or have on your pajamas when you order your food? Sometimes you don’t want the delivery person all in your business wondering why you look so crazy. With the non-contact delivery option, the driver will have the option of either leaving it curbside or at your door making it a whole lot easier to avoid those awkward situations and, of course, possible ‘rona contamination. 

Right now it’s still only an option but I wouldn’t be surprised if all delivery services made this the standard procedure. People are scared out here and no one wants to take any risks. Just remember to please wash your hands (wash them WELL), get tested if you feel any of the symptoms (difficulty breathing, cough, or fever), and stop buying all the water and toilet paper like the world is ending. I promise if you just follow those steps your chances of avoiding the ‘rona will skyrocket.