Um, y’all are tweaking. Today is Chicago’s birthday let me use my Chicago slang. So, again, y’all are tweaking fasho! The past few weeks the Coronavirus has been spreading from China literally all over the globe. People have died and, with good reason, society is worried. However, a lot of you guys are straight-up terrified. So much so that some of you all have stopped drinking Corona beer just out of fear and the name similarity. Now you see why I said you were tweaking?

A few weeks ago public relations company, 5W Public Relations, held a survey asking people if they would still drink the Corona brand beer in light of the Coronavirus. 38% of them said no and 14% said they wouldn’t order one in public. Um, why? Why are we associating the beer that has the cool beach and lime commercials with this virus? Make it make sense Lord.

Just so we’re clear, the Coronavirus is a strain of a virus from animals that started in Wuhan, China. It has absolutely nothing to do with Corona beer. Yes, stay inside if you want to decrease your risks of obtaining the virus and for the love of God, puhlease wash your hands! But I promise you avoiding a nice crisp Corona won’t do anything but decrease your chances of getting drunk.

So what did we learn today guys? Corona beer does NOT equal the Coronavirus. Enjoy that Corona and stop scaring all your friends and family with misinformation. Ok? Ok.