When doesn’t Auntie Oprah make moves? When it comes to businesswomen she for sure tops the list. To add to her long list of ventures, Oprah now has a line of frozen pizzas with cauliflower crusts called ‘O, That’s Good’! Gone head Oprah!

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Now if you’re unfamiliar with the vegan movement then you may be wondering why in the world someone would eat cauliflower crust anything. Well, cauliflower can actually be used as a meat substitute for many vegetarians and vegans. I have a ton of cauliflower recipes myself. It sounds crazy but it’s delicious.

If you’re looking for the pizza you can find it in your local frozen food aisle. Just so you know, apparently the crust is only 1/3 cauliflower. But on the bright side, 10% of the proceeds go to Rise Against Hunger and Feeding America. I’m so ready to try it, who’s with me?