There’s just something about frying up a batch of chicken that reminds me of my childhood. But, when you make a pan gravy and smother the chicken in the gravy, well, that totally reminds me of my grandmother. There wasn’t a good two weeks that went by where we didn’t have a hot skillet full of piping smothered chicken. It’s so good. And surprisingly, it’s super easy to make. Here’s the recipe & video:

My Grandmother’s Smothered Chicken

*Follow my fried chicken recipe here first!

Then, make the pan gravy:

-1 medium onion, sliced

-1 bell pepper, sliced (I use red and yellow)

-1 tablespoon of minced garlic

-1 cup of diced celery (about 2 ribs)

-1/2 cup of flour

-About 1/4 to 1/3 cup of reserved oil from frying the chicken with the brown bits in the bottom of the pan

-4-6 cups of chicken stock

-1/2 teaspoon of garlic powder

-1/2 teaspoon of onion powder

-salt and pepper to taste (I add lots of fresh black pepper)

1. After you’ve poured off almost all of the oil, leaving about 1/4 to 1/2 cup left in the bottom of the pan, saute the onions, bell peppers, and celery until translucent. Then, add in the garlic.

2. Cook for about 15 seconds and then add in the flour. Stir the flour and combine with the oil until the flour has turned medium brown. This should take about 6-7 minutes of occasional stirring.

3. Then, add 4 cups of chicken stock and mix well so there are no lumps. Add the garlic powder and onion powder and taste the mixture. If it needs more salt and pepper, add some now.

4. Place the chicken back into the gravy and turn the head to medium low. The gravy will thicken and the chicken will continue to cook through. Once the gravy has thickened, serve warm.

*If the gravy is too thick, you can loosen it up with the reserved 2 cups of chicken stock.




  1. You are showing nutter butter banana pudding on today’s web page and it gives you web site to go to it and I did…..the info that comes up says not available . Would you please send me the receipe?

  2. Hi Darius, it’s great to find you here. Didn’t realise you were blogging. Came across you on Instagram some time back. Just sending some love from Dubai. By the way, that pot loots very similar to a pot that is common in all Jamaican homes. You sure your gran doesn’t have Jamaican roots?

  3. Hey Darius! I think all your dishes look great! I’m trying your grandmother’s smothered chicken recipe today! Your Mac and cheese save for Thanksgiving! Thank you so much keep it up. Love the jam sessions! Again much success and can’t wait until your NYC & NJ tour June/July 2016!

  4. i just want to say this recipe was so delicious. just made it for my fam with mash potatoes , green beans and your macroni and cheese. I think i will make this again for family gatherings . it was easy and deliscious and i have to say compliments to the chef . the boy is bad!!!!

  5. Your page was recommended by a friend. I am so glad. My mother started me cooking when I was six. So this has been a large part of what I would do to relax, make someone happy or simply make me happy. After suffering a stroke and other illnesses I had trouble remembering those recipes stored in my head, As I watched you skillfully put together your food I could sense the love you are passing on. This helped me remember some techniques I had lost. Thanks and keeps cooking and sharing your great recipes!

  6. Darius …I cooker d your mac and cheese …and it was a hit!!! thank you…however how long do I leave the fry chicken in the gravy for it to cook through…

  7. I wasn’t quite sure if this is the same recipe for the homemade gravy that I saw on Instagram or not.. If not, is the homemade gravy recipe listed in the 101 Recipes eBook? I saw the picture on Instagram regarding using it with store bought fried chicken….it looked great. Didn’t know which cookbook it was in before I purchase. Thank you!!