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Minneapolis Community Helps 13-Year-Old Boy Keep Hot Dog Stand

This is something I love to hear! Lately all we’ve heard is our people being persecuted for just existing. Whether it’s using a coupon, selling water, or having a cookout in the park. This time, instead of being shut down by his community, 13-year-old Jaequan Faulkner was able to grow his hot dog stand with their help.

Back in 2016, Faulkner began his hot dog stand, in front of his home, to raise money for school clothes. This summer, he was almost shut down as someone reported his stand for not having a license. Thankfully, Minneapolis’ health director decided to help him get the permit rather than shut him down. Now that’s having a heart.

It’s so beautiful anytime we see a community want to uplift a black youth. And it’s beautiful anytime we see a young black entrepreneur!

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