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McDonald’s Adds Two New Big Macs to the Menu

McDonald’s is trying to take things to the next level. They’re really doing it big this time, lol. The Big Mac has been a McDonald’s staple for decades now but have you ever wanted it…bigger? Well now is your time to shine. McDonald’s is introducing the Double Big Mac. And if you’re feeling a little weary of both the Regular and Double Big Mac, there’s now the Little Big Mac. 

If heart attack on a bun was a food this would be it. People, whyyyy do we need bigger Big Macs? If you aren’t familiar with the original Big Mac it has two beef patties, three buns, a slice of cheese, Big Mac sauce, and veggies. Like honestly were the two beef patties not enough? Luckily though McDonald’s isn’t too, too insane because they’re finally giving us a normal non-cholesterol inducing burger option with the Little Big Mac. 

You should be able to head to McDonald’s now and choose your pick of the three Big Macs. Honestly, I don’t want to choose any of them but I know a lot of you do so have at it! Hopefully, you all go for the Little Big Mac. We already have the Coronavirus no need to add heart disease to the list of things to worry about. 

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