Kim K is one of the most famous people in the world. She’s known for her brands, her family, her husband, and more. Basically anything she does is news, including what she uses as a dipping sauce for her nuggets. I know seems trivial but hear me out, she dips them in honey.

In the McDonald’s Superbowl commercial that aired last night, celebrities’ McDonald’s orders were displayed. That’s when the world learned Kim needs honey with her chicken nuggets. You can view the commercial below.

Now, I’ve seen some people have some weird condiment options. I’ve dipped my fries in guacamole so I understand not being conventional, but honey and chicken nuggets though? I looove, honey mustard sauce with my chicken nuggets. Shoot, even with my sweet potato fries but just regular honey!? Nope, can’t understand it. And get this, Kim hates honey mustard! Yeah, I don’t get it.