Coronavirus has been sweeping the world nonstop lately. There have been cases reported in multiple states right here in the US. The virus originated in China and the KFC locations there aren’t playing games anymore. They now have a no-contact delivery service to protect customers and employees.

I don’t blame them at all for this move. It’s a smart idea and it’ll probably keep a lot of people safe. The customer can order their food online and when the driver gets to their destination, he unpacks the food and leaves it in an agreed-upon location. The customer has to be there and 10 feet away. Wow, smart.

I wonder if they’ll start doing this in the US. We haven’t had that many cases to cause a panic, but enough at least for something like this. The less unnecessary contact, the better. They even have a no-contact pickup service where you can come in and pick up your food off racks. Interesting.

What do you all think? Should we start implementing this virus or no virus? Honestly, there are so many bacteria everywhere I feel like this should be the standard. Do you know how much fecal matter is on public touchscreens? You wouldn’t go outside again if you really knew. Only time will tell if KFC locations begin their no contact delivery programs here and lets hope they do.