I thought this trend was going to end with Ivy Park and Popeyes Park but I guess I was wrong. Have you ever wanted your Crocs to look like your food? Well, you’ll get the chance! There’s another fast-food chain that wants a piece of the fashion industry. KFC is teaming up with Crocs bringing your next best pair of slides.

Now before we crack jokes…ok wait no we have to get straight to the jokes because I can’t take this too seriously. Really, KFC? Why? I just want to understand the thought process. First, who wears Crocs? Like, I know they’re comfortable and I get it comfort trumps fashion sometimes. Totally understand. But seriously? Chicken-covered Crocs inspired by KFC? There wasn’t anything else we could do?

Just in case you really wanted to do it up, there are two versions. Yes, two versions of the KFC Crocs. The regular and platform Crocs. Yeah, you can wear the platform Crocs when you’re feeling…spicy. I’m funny I don’t care what you all say. And when I say platform I meant it. Like.. a.4.5 inch platform.

If you feel like stepping out in Croc style you certainly can by heading to Crocs.com. I have to warn you though, you better really like them because they’re a little pricey. $59.99 to be exact. Yeah, I won’t be spending $60 on a pair of Crocs but if that’s your thing have fun!