Whew, this is never good. When the FDA (Food & Drug Administration) gets involved in your food business you know you’re in some trouble then. Jimmy John’s is in the hot seat because for the past year their restaurants have been linked to E.Coli and salmonella. Yikes.

Honestly, if anyone decides to write a strongly worded letter then you know they mean business. If they’re willing to pay for postage when an email would do the job then you know they’re upset. In the letter, the FDA says they have receipts of people getting sick from salmonella and E.Coli from all the way back in 2012. Dang. Eight years of receipts from multiple states: Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.

The sprouts and cucumbers Jimmy John’s offers as toppings to their sandwiches seem to be the culprit. Out of all the people who were sick in Iowa almost half had said they ate sprouts while at Jimmy John’s. The restaurant chain has changed its sprouts and cucumber supplier since these claims began but people have still been getting sick. They’re now completely off the menu.

The FDA gave Jimmy John’s 15 days to respond with a solution. See, I told you they meant business. Personally, I looove Jimmy John’s so I hope they get it together. Taking the sprouts off the menu was a good start. Do you think they’ll get it together soon? Are you taking any chances and eating there anytime soon?