By now we should all be used to these funny little holidays. I for one love them because a lot of the time you can get free stuff, case in point: National Donut Day. Although today we can’t get some free ice cream anywhere, let’s talk about chocolate ice cream. Does it get the respect it deserves? Or is it just not one of your favorites?

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Maybe it’s just me, but I never really see people clamoring for chocolate ice cream. At the parties back in the day, when we had the neopolitan ice cream tub, I always saw the biggest dents in vanilla and strawberry. When I go to places like Coldstone, or Baskin Robbins, chocolate ice cream is rarely even there. It’s usually cookie dough chocolate ice cream or coffee flavored chocolate. Never really just chocolate ice cream by itself.

Am I bugging or do most people not really go for chocolate? If I’m wrong let me know! If you agree tell me why!