Ok so this is very interesting. Kraft Cheese was offering the chance to make your dad a cheese sculpture of his head for Father’s Day. Yes. A block of cheese big enough to be a bust is what they used. 40 pounds to be exact.

How will this work? Well they literally had to bid for the chance to get your dad a cheese bust/head sculpture thing. Only five lucky bidders got the chance to make a photo of their father in to cheese reality. Those winners will actually have their bust delivered in time for Father’s Day!

Last time it was reported by Delish that the highest bid was up to $2,025. Geez. It’s that serious? The good thing is that all the proceeds will go to the Feeding America foundation. Kraft will even match donations up to $25,000!

The last chance to bid was last night, so unfortunately if you wanted to the spots are taken. If this was still a thing would you have paid for a cheese head sculpture? Who thinks their dad is worth it?