The future really is here. And no I’m not talking about some new app or iPhone that’s coming out. I’m talking about drones that scan your body to see if you need coffee. If they can tell you’re in need, they’ll go ahead and just give you a cup right there. Yeah.

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So when are these drones hitting the skies? Well not yet. IBM has just released that they’ve received the patent for the invention so they’re possibly coming soon. Can you imagine it? The IBM Coffee 2000 (that’s not the real name of course) flying overheard just scanning. It then picks up on how you binged watched Insecure the night before and now you’re barely making it in to your job. Next thing you know a cup of coffee is in your hand.

Personally I’m a little scared that we’ll all become lazy if technology literally does everything for us, but this invention could really be useful! What do you all think? Is this too far or are you ready for the coffee drones?