Okay. Remember I did that story on Del Taco’s new churro straw shake? Well we got to talking, and I decided to try their entire late night menu! Now I know that already sounds like a lot but it’s only three things don’t worry.

So what did I try first? Of course I had the churro dipper shake that I originally told you all about. It comes as a vanilla shake with chocolate syrup and a giant cinnamon churro as a straw. This was soooo, soo good. Especially when the shake starts to melt a little? Mmmm. But I will say the churro as a straw wasn’t really effective. I just ended up eating it and using a straw for the rest.

Next up were the Queso Loaded Fries. This was certainly the best entree of the night. The fries come topped with ground beef, tomatoes, hot peppers, lots of cheese, and sour cream (even though I opted out of the sour cream for mine). All I can say was that everything was the right flavor. It was the perfect amount of cheese too. I would recommend it!

Lastly I had the Queso Loaded Nachos. These had the same ingredients as the fries, yet you can choose chicken or turkey if you’d like. Actually that’s one of the coolest things about Del Taco. (If only they had shrimp though!) The nachos were also very flavorful and pretty good. Though they couldn’t match up to the fries. Those were by far the best.

So I have to say I’m officially cosigning Del Taco’s late night menu. I even got an extra churro. It was so good it reminded me of the ones back home in Chicago at Navy Pier. If you were looking for a new fast-food spot this one should be on your list!