Well, I work hard. So, my excuse to get away is pretty easy. I usually just need a break here or there. BUT, I decided pretty early on that I’d take the WHOLE month of December to get away. And, it kinda turned into the perfect storm of travel plans. I was thinking where I’d want to go. It was hard at first because there are really only a handful of places I really enjoy in the Caribbean. So, after chatting with a few friends and taking a look at my schedule, I was off.

Where’d I go?

I started off in Nassau. Then, flew home for work. Then, ended up in San Juan, PR. Then, back home to switch suitcases. Then, off to Montego Bay. Alllll before heading to Chicago, then Houston, and then back to Atlanta for work.

Where’d I eat? LOOOOOTTTTSSSS OF PLACES. Let’s go!

We started off heading over the the Baha Mar. It’s a newer resort space with a cluster of restaurants, shops, and hotels. It’s kinda dope. There’s something for EVERYBODY. We’re foodies – so, we tried the Italian spot Filia. And, let me tell you. It DID NOT disappoint.

Here’s a quick look at the menu:

We welcomed the bread service. Cuz, ummmm…ain’t nothing like good bread. This was a Ciabatta situation and let me tell you – it was literally one of the best loaves of bread I’ve ever tasted. It was kinda toasty on the outside and soft on the inside. Then, we decided to grab some olive oil and balsamic with a few shakes of Parmesan and we went to dipping faster than a heated toosh trying to cool off in a backyard pool. Literally, it was THAT good. We almost filled up on bread alone. So, when you go, be CAREFUL!

Not sure what to order, we started with the meatballs. Ehhhh, they were good. But, we’ve had better. We don’t let them go to waste. But, we ate them thinking, “I’m sure Olive Garden does a better job.” No shade to the establishment. They’ve got a lot going for themselves. The meatballs tho – ehhhh, they could have been better. I think we even left them on the table cuz we were full. Yikes.

We also opted for the rigatoni Bolognese. Both Kim and I love a good meat sauce. This one was super rich and quite tasty. It faired batter than the meatballs, for sure. And, Listen – I can totally appreciate the approach to an al dente pasta. They completely nailed it here. With an extra trough of grated Parmesan, we were in heaven.

Okay. They had this giant prawn on the list. So, we had to try it. It had a filling of herbs, citrus, and garlic. Honestly, it could have used a touch of salt – but that’s nothing a little sprinkle couldn’t fix. We also gave it a dousing of fresh lemon juice too…you know, to wake up the flavor a bit. Listen! It was literally perfect after that. Nice and firm but still moist. Well worth it.

I vividly remember asking the server what he preferred. He said something about this corn ravioli situation. I was like, ummmm, yea okay. Kinda dismissive. Cuz, I’m literally thinking how good could corn and lobster ravioli be? I mean, hand me my meaty sauce with lots of pasta, please….and thank you. That’s what I wanted. But, listen – this dish was LIFE CHANGING. And I do mean that in every sense of the word. The pasta was a perfect al dente and the filling was light and fluffy and full of complete sweetness. It matched the lightness of the lobster so well. And the broth – it was literally exquisite. It was perfect. Light. Flavorful. If it weren’t a shame, I’d have a whole straw to that bowl…literally. It was THAT good. I think of all the things we ate, this was the best.


Sooooo, we really DIDN’T HAVE room for dessert. BUT, we were so darn full. I mean, listen – just FULL! But, I mean, what’s a good meal without a good dessert. So, we went for it. And whew…am I glad I did. The waiter said it was an apple tart. So, we weren’t expecting anything spectacular. But, isn’t that when God shows up the most? We ended up having one of the best desserts of the decade. The pastry was buttery and flaky and not overly sweet. The apples were firm and still tender. And the ice cream melted into the perfect sauce. Literally…life changing. 

Of all the things we ate in the Bahamas, who would have thought we would have thought this would have been one of the best – Italian food. Listen, take it from me. If you’re ever in Nassau, head over to Filia for lunch…or dinner. Either or – you won’t be disappointed. Eat al fresco tho, cuz it’s a little chilly inside the restaurant.