If you’ve ever been to Chipotle then you know it’s costly to have a decent meal. Your average burrito bowl is about $6 or $7 then if you want a drink, guacamole, extra meat, or chips you can add about $3 or $4 to your meal. Already you’re looking at $10. But what if there was a way to get the Chipotle meal you want for a lot cheaper? In a video on TikTok, @llamascc let us in her on her little secret: buying a kids quesadilla meal!

This is a genius idea. First, you buy a kids’ cheese quesadilla meal. It comes with three sides, chips, and salsa. Just like that, you have everything you would have with your regular meal for half the price! I know it’s amazing that we can do this, but is anyone else upset at the fact the kids’ meal gets three sides? Threeee? Why do they need three? AND chips and salsa are included for only $3.95? I’m high, HIGH key jealous.

Definitely try out this meal hack and tell me what you think. There is one key thing to remember though, order the chips and salsa AFTER you order everything else so they won’t be considered sides. Other than that, I hope there’s no catch!