McDonald’s Monopoly game used to be life! Remember trying to get all the pieces together for the big prizes? I even had people in other states compiling their pieces to see if we could win together. But, it was all in vain. HBO is airing a documentary called McMillion$ showing the entire time the game was rigged. For 12 years one man singlehandedly ran a cheating ring that made it so none of us could be great.

Are you serious? All those years all those fries, chicken nuggets, and large pops I bought were really for nothing?! The Mark Wahlberg documentary shows how Jerry Jacobson, a security guard of Simon Marketing, pocketed the big winners and sold them to people so he could get a cut of the winnings. WOW. He did this for 12 years and racked up $24 million in illegal winnings.

I’m soooo, so upset. I never had a chance. Luckily, the other 50 people involved were arrested too. I wonder if McDonald’s will ever try this again and if they do, how can they stop something like this from happening? How did it happen for 12 years with no one noticing a thing? Hopefully, this is something we’ll all learn in the documentary. Will you be watching?