To be quite honest, I’ve heard about Moscow Mules for a while. I think we need to credit Oprah for making them popular some years ago. But, I don’t think I had ever really had one until last week. I’ve had ginger beer. I’ve had lime juice. And trust me, I’ve had vodka. But, it wasn’t until my birthday last week that I actually had the entire drink all mixed together. And, it was in a copper mug. It was pretty perfect.

I was inspired to create my own version. So, I did. And let me tell you – this was so good that I drank the ENTIRE pitcher. Cooking. Drinking. Good music. I was so in my element. Lucky for you, I did this all on Periscope. You can watch the video below and further down is the actual recipe.


Here’s the recipe

-2 bottles of ginger beer

-3/4 cup of sour apple martini syrup

-1 cup (at least :-)) of green apple vodka

-The juice of 3 limes

-Lots of ice

-A copper mug (or a stainless steel cocktail shaker will work, too)

Just combine the ginger beer, syrup, vodka, and lime juice in a pitcher and pour over ice in a copper mug. Be careful. This stuff is good.

Green Apple Moscow Mules
Green Apple Moscow Mules