While visiting New Orleans the other week, I had a chance to dine at Emeril’s New Orleans in the Crescent City. It was a gorgeous Friday with plenty of sun as I pulled up. They had valet, but I lucked out and grabbed a parking spot across the street. I was going for lunch and was super excited to see what this joint had to offer up.

I set up a reservation, just in case the place was too busy, but, none was needed. On a Friday afternoon, for a party of 1, there was no problem getting seated.

Here’s something to note. I couldn’t get a good cell phone reception anywhere in the place. I like to share these moments with my Periscope family. I was super upset about this. With as much money as I knew this lunch was going to cost, the least Emeril could’ve offered was wi-fi. Sadly, there’s none in the whole joint. So, I sat…and ate alone…with no one on Periscope to share this with!




The drink I started with was the Bourbon Buzz. There was way too much bourbon and not enough balance in the drink. I know what you’re saying, “too much bourbon?” Yes! I think a nice drink should be stiff, but balanced in flavor. The bartender was a bit rushed, so, perhaps he missed a measurement or two. I asked for more of that honey simple syrup and should have asked for more lemon, but that balanced my drink right on out and I was happy.


For my appetizer, I ordered the BBQ shrimp. It was decent. Was it amazing? I’ve had better. It was true to New Orleans though. The sauce was dark and had that almost burnt flavor to it. The shrimp weren’t overcooked. The petite biscuit was a bit doughy. I can see where Em was trying to head with this one. A bit more of creativity would have made this a winner. But, the shot missed the basket for me.


The bread basket – hits…and misses! Hits – that cornbread! It was what cornbread should be. The Mediterranean focaccia and the sourdough…well…it could have used a bit of help. Kudos to Em for making sure the butter was spreadable.



The soup of the day was garlic bisque. I don’t even know what garlic bisque is. But, this was perhaps my favorite dish of the entire meal. This was creamy, cheesy, and garlicky. It was simply divine. This is a must have if you go!


For my main, I had the andouillle crusted rainbow trout. I had several issues with this dish. I didn’t taste andouille at all. The breading on the top was way too much. The roasted vegetables were good. But, those shoestring potatoes were simply awful. Then, that pool of sauce on the bottom was just too much to bear. I think I ended up just eating the fish and picking around the vegetables. This was a definite miss for me.
IMG_1581Lastly, for dessert, I had the grilled pound cake. It was pound cake, alright. It wasn’t like the kind you get down to the church basement after service, but it did what it needed to do. The key lime semifredo was a bit too tart, but, it was good. The strawberries had a little something going on with them – like they had been marinated. They were delicious. Would I order this again? Probably. I’d definitely look to see what else they had on the dessert menu first!