It’s Valentine’s Day and if you’re not with someone you’re probably thinking about the last time you were and how it feels to be single today. Or maybe you’re happy and carefree. If you are the former, and you hate your ex, DoorDash could have possibly helped you out. They teamed up with famous tattoo artist Mister Cartoon to help people turn tattoos about their ex into food ones instead.

I don’t hate any of my exes…anymore. But if I did and had a tattoo of them I would have probably considered this. I mean, food is fun right why not? Ok, I wouldn’t have done this at all but it is a cool idea. Mister Cartoon even tatted the late great Kobe Bryant so I probably would have trusted him with my coverup. He definitely knows what he’s doing.

Unfortunately, the contest is over and DoorDash already chose the three most bitter single people out there. They had to tweet a pic of their tattoo, choose which food they would cover it up with, and give three reasons why. That was a fairly easy contest to enter so I’m sure a lot did. Kudos to those that made the cut! I hope their tattoos turned out great.

Hopefully, you’re not as mad or sad as any of those people, and I hope you have a wonderful Valentine’s Day full of love and joy with all your loved ones not just a bae.