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  1. Hello Darius!

    Trying to purchase tickets to your exclusive event for Chicago in May. I’m having a problem finding out how to purchase the tickets online. Also, I’m trying to join your site but it won’t let me. It’s asking for a password but I have never been on the site before. Could you please assist me? Thank you!

  2. Hello –

    Please send me the Dine with Darius schedule for 2018. I live in NYC but I am willing to travel for the food and experience.

    All the best and thanks for sharing!

  3. Hi trying to get tickets for the New York dining experience..
    But I can’t seem to find the info.Please help!

  4. This experience was DEFINITELY worth it. I’ve heard people say that it’s expensive, but it’s also pretty expensive for him to host. He had to rent a nice house that comfortably seated 25 (for 2 days), pay for a plane ticket and a hotel, pay to check his bags (he said that he travels with 200 pounds of dishes to all 19 cities), and buy all the food. He served all the tables on his own, and cooked on his own, while being very attentive to all of our tables when we needed refills. We got seven courses and drinks, and were able to bring Tupperware to take leftovers. We got to watch him in action, he took photos with us, signed cookbooks for those of us who brought them with us, and came around and socialized with us. I would definitely go again. He played great old school music throughout, and each table became like a family by the end of the night.
    Many of us have been places where we’ve paid $60, just for a steak, no sides, so the $175 was truly worth it for seven amazing courses and his amazing hospitality. He made me fall in love with food that I don’t typically eat.

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