If you’re someone who likes to watch your calorie and sugar intake, then you know how painful it can be to go out for a night of drinking. You want to have fun with your friends, take some shots, and get lit! Not worry about all the sugar you’re consuming. Well it looks like this vodka brand is looking to help people like y’all!

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Ketel One Vodka is releasing a line of low calorie ‘vodka soda’. This new line will have three flavors, and it’s only 73 calories per shot! The flavors include: Cucumber & Mint, Peach & Orange Blossom, and Grapefruit & Rose. Sounds delicious!

Now you maybe wondering, what in the world is a vodka soda? Isn’t it just a flavored vodka? Well, “it’s not a flavored vodka because of [their] two-tier production process, with the second distillation and the flavor infusion at the end,” says Kettle One Vodka director¬†Jim Ruane.

Well this certainly sounds good. It’s for sure on time for the season too. Are y’all trying it?