Water is part of everyday lives. We drink water (you should be), we bathe in water, we sweat, we cry, even most of our body is made up of water. It’s hard to imagine a life where water doesn’t play a factor at all. Now imagine not being able to touch water at all. How would you wash your hands or brush your teeth? Seems ridiculous right? Well, there are people out there that live this reality every day.

Water allergies can take one of two forms, aquagenic urticaria or aquagenic pruritus. Both sound like they really and truly suck. Aquagenic urticaria is when any fluid causes hives or a rash while aquagenic pruritus causes an uncomfortable feeling on the skin. Yeah, that would suck because when I say fluids, I mean anyyyy fluid. That could range from sweat, urine, tears, bathwater, seawater, even your period. A woman literally had to take medicine to make her period end because the pain was too bad.

I don’t know how I would live like this, kudos to the people that do. This just shows you really have to count your blessings and be grateful for everything you have bc whew chile life could really, REALLY be difficult. There are a couple of medicines that help but as it progresses with age it becomes more difficult to treat. Other than that doctors recmokmend jsut one other treatmet which is phototherapy. Whew, well I definitely learned something today and I feel more grateful than ever for the skin I’m in.