Say it ain’t so! Costco can’t be this petty. Costco’s food court is usually a place of joy after long hours of going through those aisles buying everything you could possibly want and need in bulk. Whether you were holding your membership card proudly or just tagging along with a friend it was a good time. Now, Costco seems to be changing the rules. Unless a card of your own, you won’t have access to their food court.

I can’t be the only one that is UPSET like I’m big mad. Do you know how tasty that $2 pizza is? I could get a whole meal for under $6 and be satisfied. Between the free samples and the cheap delicious food, I would go home a happy camper. What do they expect me to do now!?

Honolulu – July 3, 2018: Costco Food Court Menu featuring Cold Brew Coffee, Hot Turkey and Provolone Sandwich, Chicken Bake, Yogart, and Acai Bowl.

If you’re not a member and just as upset as I am you have a little time to head to Costco’s food court and pig out on the giant $1.50 hot dog. The change won’t take effect until March 16th of this year so you do have some time but less than a month. I really wish Costco would just stop being a petty betty and let us have nice things. What do you think? Is this change necessary?


  1. I don’t really care but members pay an extra premium to shop at Costco. If you are truly “mad” about not being allowed to eat there, then either fork over the $60 the members pay or eat someplace else!! There is far more to buy there than the food in the Food Court.

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