I never knew people really liked the Chuck E. Cheese pizza so much. I had heard about it sure, but I didn’t know it was so much of a thing that this would happen. Now walking in to Chuck E. Cheese and hanging out with children won’t be the only way to get a pizza from them. If you have apps like Door Dash and UberEats, you can order a Chuck E. Cheese pizza from home!

They tested this first in Florida last year but now it’s in full effect for all Chuck E. Cheese’s nationwide! Y’all, if we were smart, we would just do birthday parties like back in the day. Order the pizza from Chuck E. Cheese, get some juices, get that big tub of Neopolitan ice cream and that’s the birthday party right there in the backyard/basement!

Who’s going to be ordering their pizza from Chuck E. Cheese instead of Pizza Hut from now on?