I don’t know why eating a 1,650-calorie burger would be appetizing. Ok that’s totally false of course I do, but it’s probably not a good idea at all. Did I mention it’s like six inches tall? Yeah it’s nothing to play with. If none of this scares you, then the Boss Burger at Chili’s is for you.

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The restaurant chain tried the burger out last month in three select markets to test it out with customers. It was a hit, but no one could finish the thing. Now that it’s nationwide, Chili’s is suggesting you bring some friends to eat the burger with you. Wow.

What makes it so big? Well first off, it’s five meats: brisket, bacon, jalapeƱo sausage, pulled ribs, AND a hamburger patty. Next we BBQ sauce & ranch dressing with lettuce, cheese, and tomato. Who’s trying this??