This recipe really couldn’t be any simpler. I’m almost afraid to even call it a recipe. Like, for real.

So, you know what – I won’t even give you a recipe. I’ll just walk you through.

Look, so preheat the oven to like 400 degrees. Take your lobster tails and cut them down the top. Don’t go all the way to the end. You want the meat that’s in the tail to stay there – that’s your leveraging point.

Pull out the meat (keeping the tail meat attached to the tail) and place the meat on top of the lobster shell. You can cut it a number of fancy ways so it’s pretty when it cooks up.

Then, flavor some room temperature butter. I used salt, pepper, garlic, and dried herbs. Dollop it on top and drop the lobster tails in the oven. They’ll take about 8-10 minutes to cook through and that’s it.

A little lemon and more melted butter for dipping and you’re good to go!

Easy. Right?

Butter and Herb Lobster Tails
Butter and Herb Lobster Tails