Yes, yes, yes! I really, really am a fan of cookie dough ice cream, so thank the Lord Ben & Jerry’s is adding not one, not two, but THREE new flavors all cookie dough related!

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Ben & Jerry’s first brought us one of the best flavors of all time (@me if you think otherwise! lol) 30 years ago, and they’re now trying to change up the game.

The first new cookie dough flavor is going to be Chip Off the Dough Block. It will have chocolate ice cream and chocolate chip cream with chocolate chip cookies and cookie dough mixed in. Woooow.

Next is P.B. Dough-ble Chocolate. This already sounds like a lot. This flavor will have milk AND dark chocolate ice cream, peanut butter cookie dough, and peanut butter cookie butter. Cookie butter?!?

Lastly, Cinn-Dough-rella. Oooooh. This flavor will consist of cinnamon ice cream, caramel ice cream, cinnamon bun dough, shortbread cookies, and oatmeal cinnamon cookie swirls. How is that all even possible in one ice cream flavor?

Well now all the cookie dough lovers out there can finally try some new flavors! Who else is grabbing some?


  1. The last one, for sure! with all that cinnamon, caramel, shortbread cookies, etc! Sounds like something from your kitchen!