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Bai Officially Releases New ‘Braspberry’ Flavor Inspired by Justin Timberlake

Do you guys remember when I told you Justin Timberlake created a new berry, the braspberry? Well one day last year JT discovered that you can perfectly fit a blueberry inside of a raspberry and his creation was born.

Last month I told you guys that since he discovered this, JT had been in a Bai commercial talking about the fruit, and the famous fruit company Driscoll was actually planning to make it! Like people in a factory legit putting blueberries in raspberries. Well now the braspberry has moved up even more as it’s officially one of Bai’s flavors!

The drink will be part of the Supertea line at Bai and it’s official name is Tennessee Braspberry. Per usual for Bai, this drink is super healthy and there are other flavors in the Bai Supertea line as well: Rio Raspberry Tea, Paraguay Passionfruit, Nariño Peach Tea, Socorro Sweet Tea, and Tanzania Lemonade Tea.

Bai’s Supertea line should be on Amazon soon later this month. Who’s going to be looking out for it?

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